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February Major Update

Howdy Partners!

If you can say one thing about our team, it’s that we do nothing in halves!

So what goodies do we have for you in 2015?  Because you’ve all been so good, we’ll save them til the end, and just let you know about a few additional heads within the eCreators team.

We welcome to the fold:

Sead Aliphasic – Technical Services & Project Manager
Greg Boock – Director of Sales
Sally Matheson – Operations Manager
Ellen Valvasori -Quality Manager
Hunain Aslam – Moodle Developer
Brendan Farrell – Storyline and Moodle Trainer

This new structure came about as a result of our latest strategic planning session we so can get our internal structure right to better help our clients, improve workflow and increase quality. The results are out!

Virtual Reality

VR is an area eCreators have been dabbling in for some time now. Virtual Reality in education has now become something tangible that can have a great impact on the way learners participate in online learning.  One of the many advantages of VR in education is that the experiences learners can have provide real and tangible emotional responses.  Believe us, when you’re standing on the side of that virtual building with the VR headset on, your brain is telling you to be careful – as though you were really there.

The company Oculus Rift that was recently acquired by Facebook has an online marketplace,, which is full of freshly developed samples of what can be done with the tool.  From fully fledged games, to ‘experiences’ and more importantly, early samples of educational materials.  eCreators can see some great value in the areas of safety, mining and policing, all of which we will be partnering with new and existing clients to create these experiences.

We’re running live demos […]

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December Update

Welcome to our December Update!

Well, it’s almost Happy Holidays, but we’re running to the line. I’m sure everyone out there is looking forward to a well earned break!

We’ve been working hard here at eCreators to refine our offerings, our support and all round customer service. we recently took the Senior Management Team away on a strategic planning weekend to really focus on our business and determine who we want to be in the market and what we want to be to our customers. It was awesome, we had some fun along the way and each team member brought it all home to come out with some positive outcomes for all.


Off the Shelf Content

One of the outcomes of our planning session was to drop our off the shelf content offerings.  This is for a few reasons.

1. We are of the opinion that they are not effective learning objects. They break the golden rule that learning needs to be effective, relevant and personalised to the learner. Generic content creates generic thinking. We at eCreators believe in a one size fits none approach.

2. Are you legally covered?  Can you be sure the module you buy off the shelf meets all current legislative requirements and has it been signed off by a certified legal council?

3. The module that is relevant and up to date today, could be out of date tomorrow. How does your supplier cater for this?

In weighing all this up, we’ve determined there can be substantial business risk in the use of this content if its not properly vetted. The best, and true way is to create e-learning modules through a complete development cycle. These may cost you a little more, but you can sleep well […]

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October Update

Hi, and welcome to our October update.
Team eCreators are going strong as we gear up for the end of year rush. We’ve had a very big calendar year, exceeding all of our growth targets and forging alliances with some major clients across Australia.

Who’s new in the zoo?
Three more staff join the team @ eCreators with Ellen V coming on board to take on Instructional Design and Quality Management. Ellen has worked for some major organisations in the past including The Body Shop and T2. She brings a bag of talent to the organisation and for those of you who have interacted with her already, I’m sure you’ll agree Ellen is having some great impact on the success of our projects.

Greg B also comes onboard as Director of Sales. Greg brings a wealth of corporate experience in the areas of sales, marketing and relationship management. It’s Greg’s primary role to ensure that our customers are happy with the level of service and support they are receiving as well as assisting to develop our growth strategies across the industry. All of our customers will have the chance to meet with Greg shortly (if you haven’t already) to get a health check on your site and future needs.

Hunain joins us in the support team to boost numbers on the help desk. We’re very aware that support is vitally important to our customers and we’re looking to reduce resolution times as swiftly as possible across the organisation. Hunain has a friendly manner and is customer focused to ensure your issues, questions and the like are dealt with swiftly.

We’ll also be putting on a new Operations Manager who will be starting in January. Watch this space!

New Moodle Training Courses
Need […]

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eCreators July Update

Happy New Financial Year!

Hi all, and welcome to our latest newsletter. eCreators are excited to announce we have had our most successful financial year ever, which has recently seen us double our office space and add additional products and personnel to our organisation. This has meant additional heads in Sales, Moodle Development and Content Development.

For those of you who haven’t seen our new space, come on down for a catchup and a tour; or you can view a 3D model here, created by our talented Adam!

Moodle Update

Many of you are utilising Moodle 2.7, and at the latest Moodle Moot in Cairns, we got a sneak peek at Moodle 2.8, which is looking great, with the long awaited update to the Moodle gradebook on its way – you’ll love it.  Moodle development has been heavy this year and the team have been producing some amazing Moodle Plugins, Moodle themes and Moodle customisations for our range of clients in Australia and beyond.

eCreators are getting many more enquiries from beyond our borders which has seen us appoint a technical support presence in North America, giving us extended support coverage and backup for our 24 hour Moodle Support.

Dean will be speaking at the eLnet congress in August as to how organisations can migrate from enterprise LMS to open source products like Moodle and seriously harness the power and flexibility Moodle can offer. More details here:


New Starters

Joining the team are Greg B as Director of Sales. Greg brings a wealth of commercial experience to eCreators and will be setting the strategy for the support of our customers moving forward. Greg is a forward thinker with a high customer service ethic and is charged with making sure our customers […]

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eCreators April Update

Welcome to the eCreators April Update!

There’s been some busy days for the eCreators team and the year has got off to a very busy start!

With some changes to the team and some great new talent coming aboard we have recently increased our services and offerings with some awesome new treats for all of our existing and new clients!

Here’s a bit of an update!

1. New Team Members


We welcome aboard two new Moodlers, Thushara and Tim. Both have unique skill sets and many of you have already spoken with them. Both Tim and Thushara are working in the development and support base and are adding a fresh new look across all of our existing sites and adding value to some new goodies we have cooking away in the Moodle space. In North America, we also welcome Frank Fucile. Frank is working for us on a casual basis with our new North American Moodle customers.

2. Big Blue Button

We are soon to release hosting for Big Blue Button services for our Australian customers! Yes, you can now have Webinar software that can easily plug-in to your Moodle site. We have a range of plans available and a free demo site for you to play around in. Pop by and take a look – its great.  You can now run webinars all over the world for remote staff, offsite meetings, sales meetings, the works from the comfort of your own Moodle. Let us know if you’re keen to have a free demo.

3. New offices

We’ve made the move down to Docklands right at the end of Collins St, next to Myer.  Our new building is 5 star energy rated and is completely powered by Solar energy, with powered backup which […]

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eCreators becomes a certified Moodle Partner! Read the press release here!

For Immediate Release
11 September 2013
E-learning services provider eCreators gets Moodle vote of confidence

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA – eCreators, a leading Australasian provider of e-learning
and Learning Management System development services, today announced their
formal inclusion in the Moodle Certified Services Provider program, marking an
important milestone in the growth of the company.

As a Certified Moodle Partner, eCreators will build on its Moodle expertise and
offer specialist Moodle development and services to organisations and the
education sector in Australia, providing content development, Moodle training,
hosting, plugin development, customised themes and solutions, and a range of
related services such as Articulate Training.

eCreators’ flagship product, Learnbook, is an interactive theme that sits on top of a
hosted version of Moodle, integrated as an electronic learning solution designed to
meet the demands of small to enterprise-scale organisations.
Dean Saunders, Founder and Director of eCreators, said, “We are absolutely
thrilled to become a Certified Moodle Partner. Becoming a part of such a successful
movement for us pushes us in new directions and enables us to contribute directly
to the evolution of the product. We are looking forward to working closer with our
existing customers and offering some attractive services to new customers under
the Moodle banner.”

With the education and training industry expanding rapidly in the region, the
partnership is a welcome addition to the Moodle Partners network.
“Part of our philosophy is creating and supporting trustworthy, long-term
cooperation with committed partners,” said Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO
of Moodle Pty Ltd. “I’m really glad to see eCreators bringing their Moodle
experience to the Partner group, and to have their support in the continued
research and development of the Moodle platform.”
For more information and to learn more about eCreator’s flagship product,
Learnbook, visit


About eCreators
Established seven years ago, eCreators is a leading e-learning development and
services provider renowned for their expertise in developing content, building […]

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eCreators Update

Hi, and welcome to our new site :-)

Well, the wheels are well and truly turning here at eCreators.  Earlier this year we decided to go through a re-branding exercise to freshen our image and bring to light some of our new e-learning service offerings. Why ‘love the way you learn’ ? Because that’s what we’re aiming for you and your learners to get out of all the learning experiences we create for you.


Our Learnbook LMS theme, which provides the Moodle open source Learning Management System with outstanding functionality has been even more successful than we had hoped.  We now have several LMS deployments in Australia across government, RTO, educational and private organisations offering them a high range of interconnectivity, features and support.  The Learnbook LMS is maturing more and more by the day thanks to the great feedback and contributions from our customer community.

More updates are coming soon which we’ll be showcasing at various events around Australia, but if you cant wait for one of them, then give us call to arrange a demo.

eCreators wins a seat on the panel for NBNCo.

We’re excited. Really excited.  Our awesome e-learning products have caught the attention of some of the largest organisations in the country and just recently eCreators won a seat on the preferred supplier panel for the National Broadband Network.  The two year contract with see eCreators creating some awsome interactive on-line learning content to assist in the rollout of this huge undertaking.

We’re all really excited to be a part of this major change for Australia and the tools have already been picked up as we start building some quality e-learning across Australia.

Off the Shelf Content

We’ve recently revamped all of our off the shelf content, […]

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Learnbook is here!




Its here!

eCreators are pleased to announce the arrival of its first newborn, LearnBook.  The learnbook theme for the Moodle LMS is a layer of functionality that has been created to sit upon the core code of the outstanding Moodle open source LMS.

Learnbook offers its customers a level of functionality and design not offered by other Learning Management System.  The Learnbook product also packs in some other great features that combine to make this LMS one that is already gaining rapid uptake.

With Learnbook you can:

1. Track all e-learning across your business

2. Track all classroom training across your business

3. Report on all training across your business

4. Receive payments for training across your business

5. Learnbook can issue certificates to your learners

6. Send notification reminders to your learners

7. Allow you to manage your teams

8. Talk to your HR and other systems

9. Track individual employee performance across your organisation

10. Allow users to rate content

11. Allow you to create blogs, wiki’s and surveys

12. All of this comes is accessible via the Learnbook dashboard.

Learnbook is sold as SAAS (Software as a Service) and comes backed by eCreators coveted support.

Learnbook comes with a range of packages to suit all budgets and has both annual subscription and month to month options allowing you to scale the offerings to suit the needs of your business.  This level of flexibility allows you to modify your plan depending on the requirements you may have on a month to month basis.


Give us a call on 1300 913  112 to arrange a demo.

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eCreators Update November

Hi All,

Great to see some warm weather upon us.  Just makes you feel better doesn’t it?

We’ve had a very busy year the team @ eCreators and we’ve made a range of changes to our business to keep things moving along adding value to our existing client base and expanding further into new territory.  It’s great to see our customers have stuck by us and we thank you for your support – some of you have been with us since day one, and that’s just a beautiful thing as we approach our 6 years in operation.

So what’s been happening around the traps?


eCreators becomes a Docebo VAR!

You might have heard that we’ve added a second LMS offering to our shelves.  To compliment our expanding business in the Moodle customisation space we looked at the market to find a suitable product that would allow customers to have an option.  After reviewing several open and closed source Learning Management Systems, Docebo LMS came up trumps.

Sandy and Dean headed over to Milan to meet the owners of the company and some of their key personnel and were thoroughly impressed by their approach, plans for the product and its overall functionality and design.

Dean spent most of his time with the Sales, Marketing and Training team while Sandy tackled the techos. In all it was a sucessful trip and we even managed to sneak in a bit of fun :-)

Moodle Customisations

The Moodle side of the business has been busy. Really busy. More and more of our customers are looking at their systems and coming up with great ideas as to what they might want them to look like and how they might want them to function. Well. We’ve been listening and […]

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Docebo Launch


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